Me and My Blog

The child you see in the photo is my son, M. Ibrahim Kazi. And since I created this blog, it is my second child.

I am Rehan Kazi, a family man, a father- of-one and the creator of this blog.

To start with let me thank the One Almighty God, the Beneficent and Merciful, in whom alone I believe and put my trust. God has created us all and has made nothing useless, as he has given special qualities to each one of us. Hence, I also believe that ‘All lives matter.’ I am grateful to Him for blessing me with the power of the pen, among many other things including a happy family.

After graduating from the Mumbai University in 1992, I edit news online for a living now. I have been interested in several things ranging from cooking and gardening to reading, writing and drawing since I was a child. In other words I was more interested in creativity and this blog is part of that. I have also been into health and fitness since I was young (now I am 50 and still going strong).

One of the many things I love to do is to share knowledge with others, and help them in whatever way I can. This love has led me to create this blog where I intend to share my knowledge and the way I feel on various topics with my readers along with what is available online. For this purpose I will be curating the best articles online on various topics to help enhance and enrich the life of visitors to this blog.

Finally allow me to say that life for me has been a roller-coaster ride as I have seen many ups and downs, but, the gracious God has blessed with an inner strength and resilience which has helped me rise again and again. I have always tried to improve myself and have since the start sought knowledge to live a good and healthy life. And I want the same for you and my other readers.

A noteworthy thing is that I have created this blog in the times of corona virus or the Covid-19 a pandemic that has made life difficult for many. Hence, the primary aim of this blog is to help people live a more enjoyable and better life during the pandemic and after it ends, hopefully soon.

Another thing to be noted is my blog is not just about me where only I will be speaking. I see it as a joint effort because I have also curated or re-blogged articles and posts from members of my blogging community (we follow each other) on a separate page called Community Posts to show that I care for visitors to my blog.

Towards A Better Life aims to be a companion in your personal development and help transform you into a better, healthier and more evolved person. The logo and icon of my blog show a growing and flowering plant which means my blog is designed to help you grow and reach your full potential.

People say you have to take small steps towards a better life. I say:

Come take your next step towards a better and happier life with me. Have a good time here

I invite you to join my ever-expanding online community by following my blog.

4 thoughts on “Me and My Blog

  1. I so glad to know that. Sure I would like to share knowledge with you. In fact, I had already saved your blog in my Pocket app before you commented on my post. Have a good day dear friend.


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