Quiet Heroes

One of the best articles related to the pandemic where a woman has wonderfully honored her father.

Perspective on Trauma

There has been a well of emotions, for all of us, as we have adjusted to life in response to the Pandemic. Coping has taken on a new meaning for many and I would imagine, for those of us who write, we write more to both express and manage the many feelings we have had throughout this process. In early March of this year, here in my corner of the world, we began to shelter in place as the virus began to make its way through our state. So much was unknown and frankly scary. Many, in my immediate area, have not taken the virus seriously. There seems to be many who hold tightly to the politicized messages around mask wearing and social distancing. As we enter December, like much of the country, our case numbers, related social issues, and deaths have risen. We are preparing to navigate the Winter…

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2 thoughts on “Quiet Heroes

  1. Thank you for sharing my article on your interesting and rich site. It is a strange and unsettling time across our world. I have always found comfort in my father’s teachings and am honored that you are sharing “Quiet Hero’s here”. (I think he would be too.) 🤍

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  2. You are always welcome Remy. I am so glad you liked my site. And I agree with whatever you have said here. I admire the love you have for your father. I would like to know more about him. Please tell some more about your father. Take care and have a good day.


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