Bengali Dim/Egg Toast

An egg is one of the healthiest food and this toast from Bengal is a tasty way to have it. The recipe was shared by a pretty girl with a big heart who owns the blog

Nisha J had shared the recipe in response to a comment I wrote to a post on her blog. I had seen a photo of Dim Toast on the blog and asked her for the recipe, to which her reply was:

Yes sure, I can share the recipe with you. Itโ€™s very easy with less ingredients and very quick.
Ingredients: egg, bread slices, oil. And onion, green chilli, pepper according to your taste.
And if you are not sure on how to make it like we have in Bengal (itโ€™s the BEST, I can say)
Take a fry pan. Make it a little hot then add some oil to make it sticky. Meanwhile in a glass, stir well the egg, onion, chilli (anything else you wanna add on) . Put that mixture in the pan, stay alert so that it dont stick. And in like 4 second, put the bread slices over it. Wait, till itโ€™s done. Then also let the other side also get baked. Ahhh, itโ€™s ready.
DAMN, I never cooked non-veg. I am not able to make it clear but trust me it will taste delicious.

And thank you for visiting my page๐ŸŒป ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you will have the BEST dim-toast!

Finally, I just one thing to say and that I hope you try the recipe and like it too.

Note: This post shows what wonders a nice comment on a post can work.

14 thoughts on “Bengali Dim/Egg Toast

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    After reading this post you may ask why I have put it under the creative writing tag. My answer to that question is I am just sharing a lesson that I received in my Blogging Fundamentals Course at WordPress. The lesson had asked me to comment on a post and then write a post that builds on the comment. The comment I have built on to write this post was on the blog of a talented blogger Nisha J.. The tip I would like to share here for creative writing is to read more and more and get inspired by what you read.

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  2. Hello blogging- partner,
    It’s so nice to see that you really find it helpful. And Lord, the dim-toast really looks delicious. That’s the very unique way of having it!
    Keep up the job in blogging and spread happiness!!

    And, thanks for sharing the recipe ๐ŸŒป

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      1. Well it feels nice to hear from you again. I am doing fine too. I am now trying to monetize my site with the Amazon Affiliate Program. Wish me good luck partner. One thing I would like to know is what do you do to remain busy.


      2. Mention not!
        No that’s fine.. I love to blog whenever I get time. It’s like a hobby, you know. So that’s ok, I will take care.
        And in case I need you to do the blogging thing, I will reach to you! Thanks


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