Valentine’s Day Blogging Party

Love is a give and take relationship that has nothing to do with sex. Well, that is my idea of love. What’s yours? I would like to know that in the comments.

Speaking on my idea of love, what I mean is that a person should give his/her entire self to the person he/she loves but there has to be give and take in the relationship for it to survive and last for a long time. And sex may or not be a part of that relationship as there is love even between people who are just friends. In fact, I had once celebrated Valentine’s Day by cooking something for my mom.

And although I have nothing against Valentine’s Day, allow me to say that love is not something that you do one day and forget the next. For me, love is a feeling that is there forever in your heart even after the relationship has ended, provided you have truly loved the other person.

Have a great day and a year full of love.

Remember to return the gift of love that the other person has given you. And please don’t cross the limits.

Your loving friend Rehan Kazi

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