Motivating interview of User Experience Designer at Optum

An interface engine, aka integration engine is a software program that processes data between numerous Healthcare IT systems. Think of it as the nerve center or traffic cop of all the data that flows between multiple technologies in a hospital or other Healthcare organization.

Here is an interview of Imran Saif, our next pathbreaker, User Experience Designer at Optum, designs healthcare interfaces with the goal of making healthcare experiences better for everyone.

I really appreciate the spirit of this young man. I especially like the part of the interview in which Mr Saif says: I had a brother who was schizophrenic and we as a family suffered a lot to treat and adjust with him. This experience made me think a bit about what career I should pursue. I took up psychology as a major in my graduation because of this.

I have called it a motivating interview because at the end of it Mr Saif says: It is okay to fail. Learn from your failures and focus on gathering knowledge.

According to me, a person who learns from failure indeed has a long way to go before they sleep.

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