All lives matter, use yours for a constructive purpose

Hi, I am Rehan Kazi a family man and father-of-one from India who believes that the same God has created us all. He has given special qualities to each one of us and made nothing useless and hence all lives matter.

I edit news online, especially the legal ones, for a living.

This post introduces you to Life and Crime Stories which serves as my portfolio site where you will find legal news edited/rewritten by me. It has also other articles you normally find on a lifestyle blog to help you live a better and more happier life which is the basic aim of all my blogs.

When I say all lives matter I would like to emphasize that you need to understand that: 1) You should value your life and use it for a constructive purpose: As an individual who has been made unique by God you need to understand your worth. It important that you appreciate whatever your Creator has blessed you with and express gratitude to Him for everything. 2) Give importance to the lives of others, including the black and minority group people. According to the Holy Quran, any person who wrongly takes the life of another or kills an innocent person is as though he killed the entire human race; and whoever keeps a soul alive, it is as though he kept alive the entire human race.

Marty Rubin has said in one of his quotes, “Every human life has infinite value and to destroy even one is a crime against all humanity.”

This blog called Life and Crime Stories has been created with all the above things in mind. I hope it helps you understanding the meaning behind ‘All lives matter.’

Source: Life and Crime Stories

All lives matter, use yours for a constructive purpose was originally published on Fabulous Life Info

All lives matter, use yours for a constructive purpose was originally published on Better Life Info

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