Control your anger even ‘the angry young man’ is old now

Amitabh Bachchan, the legendary Bollywood actor, was once known as the angry young man for the roles he played in his movies like Sholay, Deewar, Trishul and others. But, he is old now (Google might be able to tell how old he is) and being angry is no more in. The mega star had once tweeted “We should learn to appreciate what we have, before time makes us appreciate what we had.”

Hence, my advise and 13 word story for today is

Control your anger because it is just one letter away from danger

Anger is an eroding emotion. If not dealt with firmly and positively, it destroys everything around and within us.

The rest is for you to understand, because there is no better person to explain this than our past experiences.

Finally, let me say that I am not any Bachhan or any other movie fan.

I am just a fan of Prophet Muhammad (p.bu.h.) who cared about his followers even on his death bed 1400 years ago.

May God bless us all with Peace and better understanding.

Here is a book that may help you receive that blessing

This book tells us how to

  • Cope with anger and be angry only at the right time, with the right person, in the right measure.
  • Grow in the power of understanding ourselves and others and avoid making hasty judgments.
  • Develop the spirit of forgiveness and learn to forgive even before forgiveness is asked for.
  • Practise the therapy of cheerfulness when all other therapies fail, cheerfulness can still work.

An invaluable guide by one of India’s most revered spiritual masters, this book offers simple yet profound tips which help us solve the problems and challenges that are a part of everyday life.

About the Author

J.P. Vaswani is an Indian scholar, who has spoken at numerous conferences and venues including the British House of Commons in London, the Global Forum of Spiritual Leaders in Oxford and the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago.

He was honored with the U Thant Peace Award.

Customer Reviews:

ravi The book is not what i was expecting yet it is a powerful tool to control your anger and stay cheerful. The examples are good and connects to you but i found them a bit incomplete. It moves to a more spiritual side rather than staying on the main course of anger management.
But overall it is a good book to read.

The_Leader One of the best book for Anger management, talks about changing our attitude internally and spiritually, teachings from Veda’s and Bhagvad Gita takes this book to another dimension if one doesn’t know how to apply these ideas in this book than its useless however this book is simple to understand.

Click here to buy: Burn Anger Before Anger Burns You


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