Kindly help ban ‘If vs But’ channel

As is clear from the posts that I have shared on my blog so far, I aim to help people live a better and happier life. But, today I am keeping a matter in front of my readers that has hurt me immensely. This is regarding a channel, called ‘If vs But’ the owners of which are posting videos to intentionally hurt the feeling of Muslims by speaking garbage about Islam and its Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.). Being a Muslim, I have been taught by Islam not to speak bad about the deities of other religions and no good Muslim would do it. But, today I am posting this as my religious feelings have been hurt by this stupid channel that has failed to understand that the essential for a good human being irrespective of his/her religion is to pay respect to the feelings of others.

All I am asking you to do is to report to Youtube this channel whose link is given below:

Kindly help ban the channel if you if you respect the religious feelings of others. Because no religion will teach disrespect towards another.

I have great regards for the idea of Freedom of Speech which does not mean you can hurt the feelings of others and the channel in question is doing just that.

8 thoughts on “Kindly help ban ‘If vs But’ channel

    1. Thank you dear friend. May Allah bless you too. Another good news I wanted to share it with you is Chauvin is soon going to learn the worth of black lives in prison, as he is being convicted of the murder of Floyd. I will Inshallah (god willing) be sharing the news soon on my blog. Have a good day. Keep in touch.


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