Things to do for your future self to be grateful for

I am 50 and the word might say I have got nothing more to do for my future. But, I would like to remind you there is no age to live a better and happier life. And there are many things to do for which your future self will thank you.

I have just found an article which shows that.

The article titled ‘7 Things You Can Do Now That Your Future Self Will Thank You For’ says:

What thoughts come to mind when you consider your future?
Consider your life 5 or 10 years ago; has it turned out the way you anticipated it would?
Are you the person you imagined yourself to be?
Your decisions today will influence your future.
Even though we are usually advised to live in the moment and not worry about the future, planning and devising tactics to improve your future life is essential.
However, don’t let it consume you to the point where it interferes with your daily life.
After all, if you believe in fate, what is meant to be will be.
But it can’t hurt to make decisions that will help you build your future or become the person you want to be, can it?

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