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We all work hard to fulfill the basic needs of and create a better future for our families. After a day filled with hard work and stress, all we need is a good night’s sleep.

Dalai Lama says that

Sleep is the best meditation

But a sound sleep is something that is hard to find these days, especially after Covid-19 and the other issues we are facing.

Some of the best ways to achieve a good night’s sleep is to avoid napping in the evening, if you can. You should also follow regular sleep schedule and avoid drinking tea or coffee in the night. It is best to sip camomile tea, if you ever want to have the beverage at night.

Tap on the slide-show below to find out several other ways to achieve a refreshing and relaxing sleep this weekend.

Or click the link if the above slide-show doesnot work.

I wish you a nice day and a good night’s sleep.

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