You only live once; dont kill yourself like Sushant

Today was June 14, 2021, which was just another day for most of us in the world. But, a rising star died just a year ago in Mumbai, India. Sushant Singh Rajput, who was born on January 21, 1986, in Patna, Bihar, India, committed suicide by hanging on June 14, last year. If for nothing else, Sushant will always be remembered for M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, a biopic based on the life story of former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni.

Sushant Singh Rajput from TV to rising Bollywood star

He was a Bollywood star who had acted in many Indian movies, including Dil Bechara, his last one. After starting his career as a television actor, Sushant had become a a rising star of the Indian film industry. He had gathered so much wealth in just a small lifetime (Sushant was 34 at the time of his death), that he had even bought a part of land on the moon. But, all this proved to be of no use as he killed himself in his own home. Perhaps money can buy anything but not peace of mind and strong faith in the One Almighty God. I am mentioning strong faith in God because it is that which keeps a believer going in spite of all the troubles and challenges of life.

Sushant’s death shocked the country, left his loved ones in pain

I and many others in India will remember that fateful day, as we were all shocked after hearing news about Sushant’s death. It was initially even investigated as a murder. We were even shocked because Sushant had more than everything a common man would want.

Many continue to believe that Sushant was killed due to rivalry in the field he had become an rising star, without being a son of a popular actor or having a godfather. But, the Wikipedia says the death was suicide by hanging. I myself became sad after hearing that and still am as no person should kill himself come what may in life. Our Creator has sent us down on this earth to serve Him and take care of those who love us, especially our families. Our parents did not take all the pain they did in raising us for us to kill ourselves. And Sushant left behind an old father and other family members who loved him not for his star status, but only because he was their own.

Sushant belonged to a Rajput family. His mother died in 2002 of a brain hemorrhage and his father K.K. Singh is a retired government employee. And the most painful thing for a man is when his beloved son dies when the man is still alive. Sushant also had four elder sisters who will cry for him whenever the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan, in which a sister ties a thread of love on her brother’s hand, comes.

Although the Wikipedia says that the cause of Sushant’s death was suicide by hanging, there are people who still believe that he was murdered.

Whatever, the case may be I believe that even if he had committed suicide it was only because he was pushed to the point of doing it by the so-called bosses of the Indian film industry.

I have just received a valuable comment on the topic from a blogging friend, Indira, who said, “Sushant didn’t kill himself. He was brutally murdered. CBI is still working on various options, no angle is left out. A brilliant star with heart of gold paid heavily for his faith in friends and some others.”

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