How to raise a successful future generation

We all know that business is better than a job. Many of us have even thought several times in our lives about taking the leap into the world of business. But, we are stopped because of several reasons including a lack of confidence.

This lack of confidence not just stops us from starting a business, but also from many other things, which include learning something new. Our mental growth is inhibited when this happens. But, we are not to be blamed, because the parents of many people fail to imbibe confidence in them when they are small.

Do you want your children to face the same problems that we have faced because of the lack of confidence? No, no loving parent would ever want that.

So what do we do? This article is just about imbibing confidence in our children and raising them as men and women who are stopped by nothing when they want to do something. That includes starting a new business and learning something new. Being confidence is the first step toward success. So let us learn how to raise a successful future generation.

Not every kid naturally has confidence. However, parents can help them grow those muscles.

Anyone who has ever tried to teach a youngster to tie his/her shoes understands how long it takes to correct it—and how much frustration they may feel.

But finally, the time comes when it clicks.

And when their mistakes transform to wins and their patience pays off, a small amount of trust in their ability is built up.

Some children are born with confidence. However, confidence for others is a muscle which must be strengthened.

One of the best ways to do this is to unconditionally love our children in spite of everything and let them know you do it. Another way is to tell your kids ‘They are capable of doing amazing things.’

Here are some more ways parents can help boost their children’s confidence and perhaps even their own. Who knows, your child may become the next Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos and credit you for it.

A few tips to raise self-assured children:

Demonstrate confidence in oneself.
Even if you aren’t feeling it!

Don’t get upset if you make a mistake.

Encourage them to experiment with new things.

Allow children to fail.

Reward perseverance.

Assist children in discovering their true calling.

Set goals.

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2 thoughts on “How to raise a successful future generation

  1. The 7 measures are well pointed out.

    But the implementation has a difference, often overloorked by many.

    Telling children, “You are capable of doing amazing things” may, for some, inculcate an air of over-confidence, sometimes subconsciously developing an inflated feeling of pride w.r.t. other people, instead of limiting to the fine line of confidence.

    Rather, it should be rephrased as, “Every human is capable of doing amazing things. And you are a human, aren’t you ?”

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