Better mind your actions at Karma Cafe

There is a restaurant, where you create your own menu, cook what you want, and finally get what you deserve. The best thing about the business is everybody is a stakeholder, as we invest daily in it. The restaurant stands tall on a street called ‘Life.’ I don’t know what you call that restaurant, but, I call it ‘Karma Cafe. ’

This restaurant serves you part of what you have cooked while you are alive. The leftover is served in the hereafter.
I don’t mean to hurt anybody with my words, nor do I want to be sarcastic. But, I would like you to remember to mind your actions because nobody likes awful food even if it is cooked by yourself.

Three key ingredients for good food at Karma Cafe

The three key ingredients you should use while cooking something in the restaurant I call Karma are:

Faith. Believe in the Creator alone, whom the Hindus know as Eishwar, the Muslims call Allah, and the Christians call God. Also, put all your trust in Him, because He alone fulfills all your needs. You also need to fear God, as only the god fearing stay away from doing anything wrong. But we are all prone to sins and errors, so we should always seek His forgiveness. Islam teaches us that we are all sinners, but the best are those who ask for His forgiveness.

Love. Be loving and kind towards others, especially those who are close to you and care for you. Do nothing that would hurt them or their feelings. Investing in people and relationships is the best investment you can ever make.

Care. Look after your family as much as you can. But, also don’t neglect the needs of the poor, the have not, and those who work under you. You should also take care of the animals and not be cruel towards them. I am not bragging about myself, but me and my wife always give something to the poor whenever we go out to eat. It goes to show that you care for the poor even while you are having what you want or need.

Original source of article: Better Life Info

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