Life is how you make it

Life is really how you make it. We must enjoy and what God has blessed us with and also remember the needy in society.

Happiness is not necessarily dependent on abundance. But rather appreciation for even the little things that we have.

All that has been written above are comments that I received from my blogger friend Ms Hilda, who owns the blog Hill Study Center. She had made the comment on my recent post: Learn from these homeless men to be happy during Covid-19

The article is my idea of turning lovely comments like the one I received from Ms Hilda into a post that can be used by my readers to better their lives.

16 thoughts on “Life is how you make it

  1. J’aime bien ce site, il correspond parfaitement aux standards WP attendus, je veux dire, ceux que les visiteurs sont en droit de trouver, et d’y revenir souvent !


  2. I agree with Ms Hilda, it’s important to appreciate the little things in life. I think it’s a great idea what you did to showcase words of wisdom from a comment that you received. My fav part of the video is looking at situations differently, instead of thinking about how a difficult situation is holding you back, to think of ways it can help you move one forward instead. 💯

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      2. Kindly understand that although I have offered to work for you through Fiverr, it would only be nice if you accept my offer. Otherwise you are still free to enjoy my blog and I would be only happy if it helps you live a better and happier life. I wish you better days ahead.


    1. Thank you for your kind comments dear friend. I am so glad you liked the idea.I think we can learn so much not only from the articles that we read but also from the comments. I shall implement the idea further in posts by making another article from your comment. Have a nice remaining part of the weekend.

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      1. My pleasure! That’s true. This makes me think of comments on other platforms like on Youtube and reviews in which I’ve learned from other people’s insights as well. (You’re too kind, Rehan. My words are a reflection of what spoke to me from the video. I don’t think I shared any original wisdom myself.) Thank you! You too!

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      2. You are always welcome dear friend. And remember blogging is all about sharing and caring, which is what I do. Do keep in touch by visiting my blog and commenting again.

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