Actively choose joy to master the art of Positivity

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Being optimistic is a skill. True positivity artists master their obstacles and make life appear pleasant, upbeat, and even wonderful. However, positivity is a game that anybody can play.

The entire world serves as a canvas for the art of positivity, and you must master it in order to live happily.

A dash of goodwill and another of self-esteem. Add to that a big dose of thanks to the One Almighty God.

You just make one serving – food for you and you alone, when you cook up Positivity. Savor it and you having a dish that can make you really happy. You must actively choose joy and remaining grateful to the Lord even in times of difficulties.

Positivity’s first component is “a pinch of compassion.”Without a sprinkle of kindness, it is impossible to have a truly happy view.

Your restaurant service may appear nasty, slow, or unskilled, but a pinch of politeness will keep a positive person positive.Kindness may drive you to wonder whether or not the server has eaten yet.

You may be wondering if she’s having a horrible day. She may continue to be unpleasant, slow, or inept at her job, but a pinch of kindness changes YOU, not her. There is no room for negativity when there is no room for judgement or nasty ideas. Positivity is still present.

And, if you’re lucky, your optimistic attitude in the face of adversity might just persuade that server to alter its mind after all.

The third component is “a dash of self-love.” If self-love is not included in the Positivity mix, outer circumstances will always get the best of you and negativity will emerge. “A dollop of fun” should be included.

The third component is fun, because positivity cannot take root if you are not having fun. Positivity artists understand this; practically everything is enjoyable to them. Life is not something to be tolerated; it is something to be savoured. Sometimes all we have to do is look for it.

Joy is found on the inside, not on the outer. Negative situations can force us to do one of three things: shut down, be caught up in the negativity, or seek refuge within ourselves.

Only those who are well-versed in positive will choose to go within, thus positivity is an art that can save lives — yours first and possibly that of others later.

Tomorrow may bring you heartache, but it will not take away your delight. The next element is “a drop of acceptance,” which cannot be substituted. Surprisingly, it complements the “dollop of delight,” resulting in an unrivaled combination.

In principle, living a joyful and enjoyable life is excellent, but it’s easier said than done unless acceptance also plays a role.

You must understand that you cannot control the storms that may come your way if you want to live with zest, joy, and true happiness. But how you feel about your challenges can turn the game in your favor.

You should be able to thank the One Almighty God for the good and the bad things. When you thank Him for the good things, it shows that you are grateful towards the Lord. But, remaining grateful on your bad days will show you are patient even in times of difficulties.

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