How to stop your house looking like a trash bin

Clutter and mess are an unavoidable part of life, no matter how hard you try to prevent them.
And, while there are ways to cope with it – or even include it into your interior design aesthetic, as is trending on Instagram right now — there comes a point when it all becomes too much.

Living with possessions you don’t need or want is probably influencing you in ways you aren’t even aware of.
A research from the University of California, for example, discovered that women who lived in dirty homes had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Clutter can also interfere with attention — Princeton University researchers revealed that when a person’s visual cortex is overburdened by objects unrelated to a certain job, it becomes difficult to focus.
Clutter has also been connected to sleep disorders and dietary problems.

Keeping your space as organised and clutter-free as feasible is thus a vital element of taking care of oneself. The ultimate goal is to have a strong routine in place to keep things neat all of the time, but even with that, establishing a quiet, tidy atmosphere frequently necessitates regular decluttering as well. All this has become more necessary now, if you had started working from home after the Covid-19 pandemic and want to continue doing it.

Reorganizing your house halfway through the year, or even near the end, will refresh the place where you live. It will also help you maintain things neat in the long run.
I am a lazy bone myself. And I have to thank my wife honestly for doing all the work around our home and even outside of it. That includes daily chores like buying the grocery and even calling a plumber or electrician whenever if the house needs one. So the best tip I found in the article in the link given below is to

Re-organise your space to make keeping tidy easier

Often mess accumulates when you’re looking for something and you have to displace other things in the process. It’s therefore crucial that you’re putting things away in the right order. This applies to storage in every room but it’s particularly useful in bedrooms and kitchens, as you’re probably reaching for different things in these rooms every day.

“Anything you use occasionally – less than once a month – should live high up,” Vicky says, whether this is in a top cupboard or on top of a wardrobe. “Never block something in a cupboard that you want to use daily,” she adds.

Another tip Vicky recommends is storing your most-used items in a way that allows you to see them at all times. “If you can see it, you’ll use it,” she says. “The opposite applies to things you don’t use regularly – distraction can weigh us down so keep them out of your eye-line.” 

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