How to become highly confident with 14 tips

An organisation is never more confident than its leader, emphasising the necessity of leaders demonstrating unwavering confidence in themselves, their vision, strategy, and people. You will find 14 tips in this article that can help you become a highly confident person.

Leading with confidence entails subtleties such as avoiding the reverse (leading from a place of fear) and knowing how to deal with criticism.

It also entails understanding not only what features to project but also which actions to avoid.

Having seen a multitude of leaders over a 30-plus-year career, from über-confident to the point of arrogance down to timid and unsure, I’ve developed an eye for what constitutes highly (but not unjustifiably) confident leaders and the behavioral traps they avoid.

Here are 3 of the 14 behaviors that can make you a highly confident person:

  1. They are not looking for attention or praise. In fact, very confident people seek for opportunities to praise the accomplishments of others.
  1. They refuse to make excuses. Excuses are an attempt to dodge accountability and blame.
    Confident people embrace accountability and don’t worry about being blamed.
    They own their mistakes and command respect accordingly.
  2. They aren’t defensive. In fact, confident people are open-minded about their mistakes and what they could have done better, thus avoiding the need to redirect anything to anyone.

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