Here’s why you need self-education to survive in today’s world

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

That’s a quote by Emmanuel James “Jim” Rohn , who was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.

If you’re lucky, the formal education you receive in school can only provide you with a job that allows you to survive. However, the things you acquire on your own through self-education can help you accumulate money. Self-education can be used to supplement the formal education you received in school. Let us look at it at the individual level while the government and social organisations explore ways to address the widespread unemployment.

As unemployment rates have skyrocketed for the youth, especially after  the pandemic, there is one clear conclusion that can be drawn. The conclusion is that you need to self-educate yourself with new skills needed to get work in today’s world because formal schooling is failing to teach them.

What are your options if formal schooling fails to provide you with a living? I am confident that the only alternative choice will get you out of this situation is to look for the talents on your own. You should gain practical skills in addition to the knowledge you acquired in school. Entrepreneurship is a term for this form of self-education.

Making money is not something that is taught in school.

There isn’t a school where you can learn how to make money. Yes, if you are fortunate enough to land a job in government or a non-profit organisation, you can live comfortably for years on the monthly pay you would receive. However, it will never provide you with a wealth. It is never going to make you wealthy.

You must acquire practical knowledge, and learn to earn money, for which self-education is vital. It will help you earn enough money to survive in today’s world, even if you don’t make a fortune.

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