Ayurvedic expert debunks 3 top dietary myths

Experts believe that by avoiding particular meals, we may be depriving ourselves of nutrition. Certain diets encourage you to eliminate all carbohydrate, fat, and sugar from your meals, which may have a severe influence on your health.

The key to success is moderation. Dr. Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurvedic expert, has in this article debunkd three prevalent dietary fallacies.

Healthy fats, such as ghee and butter, are sometimes avoided by health-conscious people since they are thought to make us obese and raise our risk of various ailments.

On the other hand, not eating healthy fats may increase our risk of heart disease and even high cholesterol.

The balanced diet is the greatest type of diet.

The myths busted by Dr. Dixa Bhavsar:

Myth 1: Mangoes cause diabetes. Fact: “Neither mangoes nor any other sweet fruit, such as bananas, custard apples, and so on, cause diabetes.”

Diabetes is caused by eating more than you need, not moving enough, and living a sedentary lifestyle “according to the Ayurvedic expert

Myth 2: Rice makes you fat. Fact: “Rice does not make you fat, but your greed does.”

You will not gain weight if you eat rice in moderation on a daily basis.

I recommend rice (khichdi) to all of my patients who are trying to lose weight.

“What we eat, how we eat, and how much we consume- all of these factors are equally significant,” explains Dr. Bhavsar.

“Daily use of basmati rice with maintaining a sedentary lifestyle can undoubtedly make you obese, cause diabetes, and even cause cardiac problems.”

“As a result, it’s vital to choose your rice carefully,” she adds.

Myth 3: Ghee raises cholesterol levels.

True or false: “I wouldn’t say it raises cholesterol; rather, it lowers cholesterol.

A2 cow’s ghee improves your good cholesterol (HDL), and it also aids in the maintenance of healthy fat in the body, which is required for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K “Dr. Bhavsar believes

“I do not recommend cow ghee because it is fattening to some level and is not suitable for everyone.

People who desire to gain weight should consume buffalo ghee.

For the best results, always use A2 cow’s milk and ghee.

Original source of article: https://www.hindustantimes.com/lifestyle/health/top-3-common-food-myths-busted-by-ayurveda-expert-101644657671326.html

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