Dr  Anil K Rajvanshi who left US to help India innovate wins Padma Shri award

You have to give sacrifices to achieve something big in life. That is true in the case of Dr Anil K Rajvanshi, who left the US to help India innovate. Dr. Rajvanshi’s sacrifice bore fruit when he received the Padma Shri award earlier this year.

Dr. Anil Kumar Rajvanshi, a devout Gandhian, returned to India after studying at the University of Florida in the United States. Dr. Anil says he returned to India in 1981 in a fit of madness and hubris,

He says, “I thought I had learned enough and wanted to return to India and make a difference.”

Padma Shri, also spelled Padma Shree, is the fourth-highest civilian award of the Republic of India, after the Bharat Ratna, the Padma Vibhushan and the Padma Bhushan. It is awarded by the Government of India every year on January 26, India’s Republic Day

Dr Anil Rajvanshi earned his PhD at the University of Florida and taught there for two and a half years.He was also the beneficiary of a government fellowship, which allowed him to stay in the United States for the duration of his visit.

Following that, in 1995, Dr Anil began development on an electric rickshaw.It was a first for India and the rest of the world.The e-rickshaw can comfortably carry two to three passengers at a speed of 35-40 km/hr and can travel up to 60-70 km on a single charge of the battery.

Dr. Anil has also received seven patents in the previous four decades for alcohol stoves, biomass gasifiers, and e-rickshaws.

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This article was rewritten by me for Times Applaud.

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