Ali Bannat: The man who called Cancer a Gift of God

Cancer wrecks havoc not only on the people who die from it, but also the families they leave behind. This is the soul-stirring story Ali Banat, an Australian businessman, who called cancer a gift of God when he was told he was going to die from it.

We come across a lot of stories. Certainly every story is not true! But the story I will share is true, and it realistically awakened my soul. This story I actually bumped into, but besides inspiring me it made me repent and reconnect with my lord. Believe me, you feel blessed as soon as you start loving your lord and you sense like lord loves u too. And isn’t this imagination of altruistic love between you and the Beneficent God, whom the Muslims call ALLAH so pleasing to the eyes?

Ali Banat was an Australian businessman, later a humanitarian philanthropist, from the Sydney suburb of Greenacre and of Palestinian descent. He owned a security and electrical company before getting diagnosed with cancer in October 2015. After the cancer diagnosis, he donated everything he had for charitable causes.

He founded the charity ‘Muslims Around the World’, also known as MATW.

A verse from the Holy Quran says, “Only In the Remembrance of Allah Can Heart Find Peace.”

Ali Banat indeed found peace in God’s remembrance. Even though he is dead, he is still alive in the hearts of millions not because he had been a rich person, but because of his enormous contribution he did to humanity. I have heard about living legends. Ali Bannat has become an inspiration after his death at the very young age of 35.

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