Do you feel tired all the time? Here’s why

Although sleep quality is crucial, there are numerous other lifestyle factors that may be causing you to feel exhausted all of the time. An expert describes the most prevalent problems and how to solve them. Tiredness can have a significant impact on your quality of life.

“Sleep is incredibly personal,” says Dr Lindsay Browning, a chartered psychologist and the founder of Trouble Sleeping.

“One of the most common causes of fatigue is a lack of sleep, so determining how much you truly require is critical.”

However, your sleepiness could be due to a variety of different lifestyle reasons.

Dr. Browning has described eight typical causes of fatigue and how to deal with them in this article.

The first cause: You are not getting enough sleep.

Dr. Browning says, “You’ll be sleep-deprived if you don’t receive the amount of sleep you need.”

Dr. Browning recommends keeping note of how you feel 15-20 minutes after waking up to see if you’re getting enough sleep.
“If you get between seven and nine hours of sleep and feel refreshed after waking up and like you have enough energy throughout the day, that’s the appropriate amount of sleep for you,” she says.

You can experiment with different amounts of sleep to find which one makes you feel the most refreshed.

However, Dr. Browning emphasises that the way you feel when you first wake up is not a good measure of whether you’ve slept well or gotten enough sleep.

This is all depending on when you awoke throughout your sleep cycle “She emphasises that this should not have a long-term impact on your sleep quality or exhaustion levels.

If you’re getting significantly less than seven hours of sleep or significantly more than nine hours of sleep per night, Dr. Browning recommends double-checking that this quantity is appropriate for you and experimenting with obtaining between seven and nine hours of sleep to see how you feel.”

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