Karan Kumar, his wife lost their job in Covid-19 but now earn Rs.60K a month through ‘Amrita Ji Ke Rajma Chawal’

Karan kumar

After a long struggle, Delhi’s Karan Kumar, and his wife now sell Punjab’s favorite meal Rajma Chawal and earn a monthly Rs.60,000.They use a car to run the business called ‘Amrita Ji Ke Rajma Chawal. However, for Karan Kumar and his wife Amrita, this is more than simply a rajma business.Karan served as a driver for a member of parliament for many years The COVID-19 pandemic, on the other hand, cost him his job.

Karan, a Class 12 graduate, never pursued higher education due to financial constraints.Karan has held a variety of occupations over the years. “However, when the pandemic struck, Karan lost his refuge, a source of income, and became homeless overnight.Karan claims that his family shunned him in 2016 due to personal and property conflicts, and he was unable to seek their assistance.The pair then spent two months living in a car on the streets of Delhi.During the day, Karan and Amrita sought to find work and ate at the gurudwaras of Bangla Sahib and Rakab Ganj to satisfy their hunger

Amrita says, “I proposed that we start a food business.”Karan agreed after Amrita proposed selling rajma, chole,kadhi pakoda, and rice.

Karan claims that the pair spent roughly Rs 1,600 each day on a limited menu.The business was called ‘Amrita Ji Ke Rajma Chawal’ because they lacked marketing funds.”We had no faith in our business because we had no seats, the food was served from the automobile, and consumers were concerned about our sanitation and safety due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We received a lot of encouragement on social media.We gradually made Rs 320 in income, which climbed to Rs 450 and Rs 800 every day,” he says.Karan claims that they have many repeat customers as well as a slew of fresh faces every day.He say,people love their kadhi pakoda and rajma chawal ,” he claims.

But, Karan says their business is still going through difficult circumstances. “Rajma sales fell when the Omicron model appeared.Our monthly income is Rs 60,000, with very little profit.However, we have launched a new delicacy — Shahi Paneer — and are planning to launch a thali soon “he claims.

The pair is hoping for increased customer support to help them resurrect their sales.The couple needs encouragement from their consumers, who may provide them with vital input that will help them improve and grow their business.Karan says, “Amrita and I have no prior company expertise, so we have a lot to learn.”

Karan is content with his current circumstances, despite the challenges. “We have our own business to provide financial security.We plan to grow our business by purchasing additional equipment and opening a shop where customers can sit and eat pleasantly “he claims.Karan is proud to have his wife at his side through these trying times.

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