How a Jaipur-based man became a hero for stray dogs

A unique kitchen in Jaipur, Bejubano Ki Rasoi, is feeding freshly cooked meals to countless stray dogs at just Rs 5.
Jaipur-based Gajraj Singh Kachhawa leads the initiative.Gajraj Singh Kachhawa, a Jaipur local, sat at a tea vendor on a cold winter morning, sipping hot sweet tea.
As he was about to depart, a man approached the vendor, bought a packet of biscuits, and fed a street dog. This idea stayed with Gajraj, who went on to start Bejubano Ki Rasoi (Kitchen For The Voiceless), where a pre-packaged nutritious meal for a dog costs only Rs 5.”I’ve been feeding dogs on my own for almost five years now,” Gajraj explains.

When the lockdown was implemented, there were a large number of people who were delivering food for others.
The street dogs, on the other hand, suffered the most.
No one wanted to feed or even care for them.
During this time, I was frequently feeding over 600 dogs.
“The 27-year-old entrepreneur and digital marketer owns a club in Jaipur where Bejubano Ki Rasoi operates.
Once the meals are made and packaged, they are sold at a booth near Jaipur’s Vivek Vihar metro station.
Gajraj did not want to charge for the food when he launched this effort.
However, he claims that his buddies persuaded him to charge a minimal fee. “
My friends told me to charge for the food if I want others to value it.
The biscuit incident prompted me to charge Rs 5.”Gajraj estimates that each meal package costs around Rs 15 to prepare.
But, I will charge only Rs.
5 for the food from Bejubano Ki Rasoi.”
The food packs were supplied for free throughout the lockdown.
The goal was to feed as many dogs as possible.
“According to Gajraj, the objective for Bejubano Ki Rasoi is to build five more kiosks across Jaipur in order to feed a minimum of 3,000 canines each day. “
“Priyanka has purchased more than 60 packets from Gajraj and says she cannot suggest it highly enough to anyone who stops to feed dogs on the street.
A balanced supper rich in proteins and carbohydrates may help keep the dog healthy.

9 thoughts on “How a Jaipur-based man became a hero for stray dogs

      1. Thank you for you kindness. If you can, please, Rehan, read my post published last Friday,, I wrote about altruism, in the UK, but I wrote at length also about a wonderful man in Delh known
        as a “Nest Man Of India”. Many people left comments how their admire him, I love his work and his philosophy and will do what I can to have many people supporting him. He was given many awards. and the man saving dogs should be recognised too.


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  1. Bonjour REHAN
    Brise légère, soleil du matin tous vous attendent pour vous réveiller. Puisses-vous avoir une merveilleuse journée et souvenez-vous de moi autant que je me souviens de vous
    Amitié bise Bernard

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