Meet the coolie’s son who built Rs 100 crore food biz after failing in school

When we think of success, we think of a lot of challenges, and it is tough to achieve, but it is not impossible since the term “impossible” itself indicates “I am possible.” When we are motivated and committed to our goals, everything becomes accessible and attainable.

Sometimes we lose confidence and don’t attempt to battle the issue, but for those who see it as a challenge and are dedicated to achievement, nothing is too difficult to overcome.

Failure encourages us to attempt new things in order to reach our objectives. Meet PC Mustafa, a coolie’s son, who now runs a Rs 100 crore turnover food business. He is a IIM Banglore graduate, who once failed in school.

Failure does not dictate our fate; rather, our decisions do. PC Mustafa was able to develop a wonderful firm because he believed in his efforts.

“Id Fresh Food” is quite popular in India. ID fresh meals are now available in both Dubai and Indian homes.
P.C. Mustafa, the firm’s CEO and co-founder, founded it in 2005. The headquarters of the company are in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The company sells 2000 packets of coriander and tomato chutney, 200,000 parathas, and 40,000 chapatis in a single day. Over 3000 young people are attempting to provide preservative-free and nutritious dosa and idli batter to millions of Indians.

ID Fresh today produces over 80,000 kg of food products in their plant with a total investment of approximately 6 crores and generates more than 110 crores in revenue.

PC Mustafa and his four relatives, Shamsudeen TK, Jafar, Abdul Nazar, and hundreds of TA, created the company. They used to make a life on the streets by selling Idli and dosas.

ID Fresh Food is a large food firm in India, offering a variety of dosa and idli flavors such as ragi idli/batter and oats dosa.

PC Mustafa is a source of inspiration for all young people. He is one of India’s most successful entrepreneurs, and his story inspires everyone to come up with an original idea.

PC Mustafa was born in Chennalode, a small village in Kerala’s Wayanad district.

His father worked as a coolie for a daily pay, while his mother was a homemaker.
Mustafa started working with his father when he was 10 years old to aid his family’s financial position.

Mustafa failed sixth grade but succeeded in seventh.
Because of his poverty, he had to fight his fate many times, but he never gave up.

After graduating from IIM Banglore, Mustafa joined “ID Fresh Food” firm as CEO in Charge in 2007, and we can see that the company is profitable. PC Mustafa is known as the “Breakfast King.”

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