Why you should respect your food? Share it, Don’t waste it

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

We should always respect the food we get because it is the blessing of the One Almighty God, who loves cares for us despite all our shortcomings.

Today let me share the story of a little boy who was ashamed of the tiffin his mother packed for him daily.

“For lunch, my mum serves me roti and sabzi (bread and veggies). It’s quite embarrassing. My schoolfriends make fun of me. I hardly ever open my tiffin box at school,” Golu used to say.

One day he happened to notice a child begging for food from every passerby one fateful day. Golu continued to stare at the child. He was so little and so hungry!

Golu recalled his lunch pail and pulled it out. He then handed it over to the pleading boy.He accepted the lunch with gratitude and a grin on his face, but he didn’t eat a morsel.He dashed over to another small child and began feeding him.Golu approached them with curiosity and inquired about the other boy.

He said that he was his brother, and that the two of them had not eaten anything for two days.

“Why don’t you eat half of it?” Golu inquired.

He was moved when the little boy replied that his brother is more hungry. Golu then dashed home and begged his mother for more food.

He offered it to the youngster and was pleased to see him devour the meal. Golu learned the value of food in life, as well as how fortunate he was to eat three meals a day, plus more pleasures!

Following that incident, Golu didn’t care what people thought of his tiffin and ate it regularly.

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