Hope and Faith

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A person who continues to pursue hope will eventually meet with faith Well that’s my 13 words story for today (sorry they are actually 12 words as I couldn’t come up with the 13th) Now let me elaborate.by saying that faith and hope are two sides of the same…

Motivational life quotes for a beautiful life

This article is from a man who has just resumed blogging. Manish Malu of shikshak.online says https://shikshak.online/life/motivational-life-quotes-to-guide-you-to-live-beautiful-life/

Love Is In The Air

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It’s a Sunday and a joyful day as love is in the air Those were my 13 words for today. Now let me say that Valentine’s Day has just passed and I am still in love which I want to last all through the year. No, I am not…


Face masks have become an important part of our lives after Covid-19 happened worldwide. But, there have been many incidents in which stupid people have assaulted others after being reminded to wear their masks. And I hope that I don’t have to remind you to wear your masks when you are out in the open…… Continue reading Masks

Gratitude the best attitude

Practicing gratitude is one of the most reliable methods for increasing contentment and life satisfaction. It also improves mood by enhancing feelings of optimism, joy, pleasure, enthusiasm, and other positive emotions. Conversely, gratitude also reduces anxiety and depression. Even God says in the Holy Quran that He will increase His blessings and bounties for you…… Continue reading Gratitude the best attitude