Stay encouraged and connected during Covid-19

Staying encouraged is one of the things that’s hard to do in these times of Covid-19. Another thing that is difficult to do is staying in touch with and regularly meeting our loved ones. Looks like, the pandemic which has very adversely affected the world will be there for a long time long time. But,…… Continue reading Stay encouraged and connected during Covid-19

Is there anything like a Perfect relationship ?

Originally posted on Life of a Medic:
You can never get everything perfect in life or in a person. For me, perfect relationship is the one where everyone is ready to compromise for each other. There is something that you give up and in return you get something else out of it. Some would argue…

Did lockdown teach us something?

It’s been a year since Covid-19 hit the world and countries across it went into lock-down one after the other. It won’t be wrong to say that the lock down has affected all fields of life from education, schools, to jobs, and businesses. But, what did it teach us? One the most important thing that…… Continue reading Did lockdown teach us something?

94-year-olds in New York find love in the time of coronavirus

Love can happen at age and any time even in the times of Covid-19. The year 2020 seems to have been the worst for falling in love. But, if you want to know what two elderly people did to keep the flame burning even during the pandemic read this:94-year-olds in New York find love in…… Continue reading 94-year-olds in New York find love in the time of coronavirus

How to Make a Decision

Integrate the Four Bodies into Decision-Making Some decisions can change the course of your future. To ensure you are making the highest decisions for yourself it is important to measure the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual pros and cons. We are multi-dimensional human beings, therefore, it is critical to make holistic choices. Below are some […]How…… Continue reading How to Make a Decision