News/Articles Re-writer on Fiverr

Hi everyone – after 10 years of editing news online I have just joined Fiverr as a Freelancer. I will rewrite news and blog posts at a professional level and at the best prices on Fiverr. I am offering to rewrite two articles for the price of 1 which is at least $5 on Fiverr.…

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Zoho employee shows you don’t need a degree to learn coding

This story is about a young man whose inspiring post I came across on Linkedin. The man named Abdul Alim starts his post by saying that he left his home in 2013, with just 1000 rupees, and spent 800 on a train ticket. Abdul Alim does not seem to have much of a formal education,…… Continue reading Zoho employee shows you don’t need a degree to learn coding

Motivating interview of User Experience Designer at Optum

An interface engine, aka integration engine is a software program that processes data between numerous Healthcare IT systems. Think of it as the nerve center or traffic cop of all the data that flows between multiple technologies in a hospital or other Healthcare organization. Here is an interview of Imran Saif, our next pathbreaker, User…… Continue reading Motivating interview of User Experience Designer at Optum

Can data fix healthcare?

A company founded by former Microsoft exec, Terry Myerson, collects information from healthcare providers. The company called Truveta announced last week that 14 healthcare providers have signed up to help with its data objectives. It aims to enhance the lives of those they serve, just like my blog Towards A Better Life. Truveta’s vision is…… Continue reading Can data fix healthcare?

The first computer mouse trivia

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The world’s first computer mouse was was called “X-Y position indicator for displays.” The device was invented at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the 1960s and Douglas Engelbart and Bill English are credited with its invention. Engelbart demoed the mouse, which was made out of wood, first time in…