Motivational life quotes for a beautiful life

This article is from a man who has just resumed blogging. Manish Malu of says

5 Things To Give Up For The Love Of Success… — Success Strategies

Originally posted on Success Strategies: Renowned author Arianna Huffington announced her top 13 Things To Give Up for success. From her list, I’ve selected my top 5. Here I share: Give up on playing it Small Give up on Excuses Give up on Perfectionism   Give up on saying YES to things that don’t support your…5 Things…… Continue reading 5 Things To Give Up For The Love Of Success… — Success Strategies

Meghan’s Corner: Homemade Granola

After just making a post titled Yogurt can benefit total health in which I wrote about how yogurt is one of the best health food which can easily be made at home, I am back with a very healthy homemade snack. Granola is not only nutritious and filling, it also tastes great. Here is a…… Continue reading Meghan’s Corner: Homemade Granola

Remembering My Father

A beautiful post through which a daughter honors her father.

Go ahead and heal, you deserve it.

Healing is a choice,you can’t stay broken forever because of your past. People that hurt you will move on and become better people whilst you are bitter waiting for karma .Heal and move on.There is a beautiful part of your life ahead of you.