Jan 26-Blogging Party

Today being 26 January, the Republic Day of India, I am inviting the world for a blogging party. All those who read this are welcome along with their blogs. But it is a self serve party where you write about yourself and your blog in the comments. The most important thing is to write which…… Continue reading Jan 26-Blogging Party

Self-improvement Tips That Will Change Your Life…

These tips from a pretty blogger Grace Walker look like a complete guide to lead a person towards a better life. Well it’s another matter that it also happens to be the name of my blog. Read More: https://graceeleanor2.wordpress.com/2021/01/20/self-improvement-tips-that-will-change-your-life/

Help boomers sign up for their COVID vaccine

This is one of the most required articles of the moment. In this article from the website called Be A Healthy Senior (now how many people care about seniors and create websites for them), the site owner has shared a valuable article related to Covid-19. Seniors over 65 can now receive the COVID vaccine in…… Continue reading Help boomers sign up for their COVID vaccine

Become a better person in 5 easy ways

This is among the first articles that I have curated from the members of my blogging community (where we follow each other). In this article the author Paras Singh Bandotra speaks about some easy ways through which we can evolve into a better person and in doing so enhance our lives. We all have our…… Continue reading Become a better person in 5 easy ways

Bengali Dim/Egg Toast

An egg is one of the healthiest food and this toast from Bengal is a tasty way to have it. The recipe was shared by a pretty girl with a big heart who owns the blog https://wriveller.wordpress.com/ Nisha J had shared the recipe in response to a comment I wrote to a post on her…… Continue reading Bengali Dim/Egg Toast