The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right

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It’s beyond strange that so many humans are clueless about how they should feed themselves. Every wild species on the planet knows how to do it; presumably ours did, too, before our oversized brains found new ways to complicate things. Now, we’re the only species that can be baffled…

COVID-19: Anti-viral Foods

While everyone suggested basic hygiene practices like washing hands as a necessity, many also said it’s important to include anti-viral foods in one’s diet. *Washing hands: The good old soap and water is the best. If you are travelling, use an essential oil-based sanitiser that just takes away the dirt leaving the microbes in place.… Continue reading COVID-19: Anti-viral Foods

Four mouthwatering paneer recipes

Paneer is a fresh cheese common in the Indian subcontinent made from cow or buffalo milk. This cottage cheese from India is super rich in protein. Having paneer for breakfast makes you feel full for longer. Besides protein, it is also rich in fat, iron, calcium and magnesium, which makes it an even healthier choice.…… Continue reading Four mouthwatering paneer recipes

Mini guide to enhance the taste of your food with herbs

We all know that herbs like basil and fenugreek are good for health. Herbs when used in cooking enhance the taste of any dish and give them a special aroma and flavor. Here is a mini guide you can save to be used later if you are one of the many people like me who…… Continue reading Mini guide to enhance the taste of your food with herbs

9 Amazing Health Benefits of Curd Daily

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Curd – It is also known as yogurt or “Dahi” and is very popular for preparing a lassi in all over the country. The use of dahi is in ancient tine in Indian subcontinent. It is commonly eating by changing into yogurt (raita) with pulse, onion, and grated cucumber. Dahi ia…