Creation of the same God

People belonging to different religions kill each other senselessly, thinking they are fighting for the cause of God. But they fail to understand and remember that we have all being created by One and the same God. That God is the Beneficent and Merciful one whom the Hindus know as Eishwar, the Christians call God…… Continue reading Creation of the same God

What a Pandemic Can Teach You About Simple Living

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COVID-19 has disrupted our daily routines, but it has also had a few positive effects. You’ve probably simplified your life, and you may like what that’s doing for your health and relationships. Is the pandemic helping you to get back to basic? Bonding with Family Talk more. Share responsibilities…

Don’t lose sight of today

Some people spend too much time worrying about tomorrow and in doing so they forget to enjoy the current moment. We should take care of today and the One Almighty God will take care of tomorrow. I have just started following a blog called Butterfly Sand where I found a beautiful quote that would inspire…… Continue reading Don’t lose sight of today

A man invited the world over for dinner; you can do your bit

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Today I am sharing an article about a large heated man who was known for inviting hundreds of thousands of strangers to dinner at his home. Jim Haynes died this month. Now I am not asking you to invite the world or even your neighbor over for dinner, which…

Believe in yourself

“We never know what we are capable of until & unless we confront the challenges.“ By Author Urvashi VatsLife Quote — Believe in yourself Most human beings want to stay within their comfort zone, because they are safe there. Moving out of that zone would mean falling down and hurting ourselves. But, it is only when…… Continue reading Believe in yourself