The positives to take out of the pandemic

This article from a blog called The Positive G reminded me of seeing the positive side of things as there is some good hidden in everything. I especially liked the part in which the author says, ” Sometimes when our lives are going at 100mph, we forget what means the most to us and in…… Continue reading The positives to take out of the pandemic

What a Pandemic Can Teach You About Simple Living

A positive thinker finds good in even the things that seem bad to most people. This is a need-of-the-hour article from Eduard; a Social Development Practitioner who says he is an ordinary man who wants to share his voice through his writings. I would recommend his blog to all those who seek to be… Continue reading What a Pandemic Can Teach You About Simple Living

A treasure trove of advice from therapists you can use for the rest of your life.

Originally posted on Blogger's World!:
Are you one of those people who seek advices to better their lives rather than hating to take them? Here are 15 golden pieces of advice therapists have doled out you can use throughout your life. Reading these important mental health lessons will almost be like getting a free…

Don’t lose sight of today

Some people spend too much time worrying about tomorrow and in doing so they forget to enjoy the current moment. We should take care of today and the One Almighty God will take care of tomorrow. I have just started following a blog called Butterfly Sand where I found a beautiful quote that would inspire…… Continue reading Don’t lose sight of today

Remember to smell the flowers

A long time ago I had read a book of one of the world’s top leadership experts, Robin Sharma. In that book, Mr Sharma had written that it is important for us to celebrate even the small achievements that we make on the way to success. Today I may not remember the name of that…… Continue reading Remember to smell the flowers