Don’t lose sight of today

Some people spend too much time worrying about tomorrow and in doing so they forget to enjoy the current moment. We should take care of today and the One Almighty God will take care of tomorrow. I have just started following a blog called Butterfly Sand where I found a beautiful quote that would inspire…… Continue reading Don’t lose sight of today

Remember to smell the flowers

A long time ago I had read a book of one of the world’s top leadership experts, Robin Sharma. In that book, Mr Sharma had written that it is important for us to celebrate even the small achievements that we make on the way to success. Today I may not remember the name of that…… Continue reading Remember to smell the flowers

Be your own best friend

After God, a person’s best relationship should be with oneself. Self-care and self-love is not selfishness. They are rather necessary. I had coined a quote when I was a child which said something like: Love thyself and you won’t have to mourn (read cry) Cause if nobody loves you, you won’t feel alone.

Keep Going

This is one of the most inspiring videos from one of best speakers, Denzel Washington, whose speeches act as inspiration not just for young actors, but for young people as a whole. In this 10 minute video Washington talks about being resilient and moving forward in life without giving up in spite of all the…… Continue reading Keep Going

If you think 2020 was bad let us make 2021 a good one

A virus that broke out in China just a year ago became a pandemic and spoiled the whole year for most people in the world. Yes, I am talking about Covid-19 for which the year 2020 was called a bad year, although all days belong to the One Almighty God and everything good or bad…… Continue reading If you think 2020 was bad let us make 2021 a good one