Why you must keep falling in love with your spouse?

Every relationship starts with passion and keeps going with commitment. But, a lot of storms occur between the passion and commitment. Only that relationship is successful where you accept your partner as they are and keep falling in love with that person.

Life is not what you alone make it

You and I must cooperate with each other if we want to live a better and happier life. The truth is we all need each other to complete that journey called life. Our relationships will improve, the sooner we accept this fact.

It takes two to build the street called love

It’s true – relationships are a two-way street. In all successful relationships, there is a little give and take. This is because both the people in a relationship cares about how the other person feels and wants. True love starts with making an effort to keep the other person happy. But you should always reciprocate…… Continue reading It takes two to build the street called love

Family is more than just blood relatives

Finally, what matters is the love you have for the people who care for you even if they are not blood relatives.

Four questions to better your relationships

Have you ever had a chance encounter with a stranger? I’ve often wondered why those experiences occur with one individual but not another.In her essay How to Change Your Life in One Second Flat, Katherine Schafler addresses her idea that we always ask four questions of everyone with whom we have connections. These queries, which…… Continue reading Four questions to better your relationships