Stay encouraged and connected during Covid-19

Staying encouraged is one of the things that’s hard to do in these times of Covid-19. Another thing that is difficult to do is staying in touch with and regularly meeting our loved ones. Looks like, the pandemic which has very adversely affected the world will be there for a long time long time. But, we all need to stay encouraged and connected during these tough times of Covid-19.

One of the best ways to stay encouraged in such tough times, is to believe and have faith in just the One Almighty God.

In this post, I am glad to share an article that offers you a solution to the above challenges during Covid-19.

When I created my latest blog, Better Life Info, the world was still grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic, which started in 2020. I wanted to create a blog that would help people live happily during the pandemic and even after it ended. I had already created a successful blog Towards A Better Life with the same aim in mind.

The new blog, Better Life Info, will help you learn life skills to cope with the demands and challenges of life, not just a pandemic.

The article that I am sharing inside of this post says, “To remain encouraged through this Pandemic, we must focus on supporting, encouraging, and empowering each other. We can either gather (safely) or communicate in other ways.

Our family meets (almost) each Sunday for a Zoomby Zoom sessions. My sister thought of the idea and it has occurred for over a year now.

We have the same conversations we would have during our gatherings, but more often because we do not live very close together.

Another way to stay in touch is through the phone… call or text even more often than before the Pandemic.

I would say that even after this Pandemic (if ever) is over, we continue to use the phone for encouragement through texts and calls.”

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You can also read the post “Stay encouraged and connected during Covid-19″on my lifestyle blog Better Life Info

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