Covid-19 should not stop us from dealing with another key issue: Climate change

Covid-19 started in 2020 and does not seem to end soon. The problems it has created also seem to have taken away our attention from climate change, which is another major issue that is affecting our heath. However, that should not happen because even after we have found a solid solution for the pandemic, climate…… Continue reading Covid-19 should not stop us from dealing with another key issue: Climate change

Do something with your life; but what?

Since you grow up your parents tell you to do something with your life. But what is the answer to what our parents want? People are facing problems, more than ever before, after the coming of Covid-19. Moreover, relationships have gone bad. I often read news about parents killing their children and vice versa. A…… Continue reading Do something with your life; but what?

Gratitude the best attitude

Practicing gratitude is one of the most reliable methods for increasing contentment and life satisfaction. It also improves mood by enhancing feelings of optimism, joy, pleasure, enthusiasm, and other positive emotions. Conversely, gratitude also reduces anxiety and depression. Even God says in the Holy Quran that He will increase His blessings and bounties for you…… Continue reading Gratitude the best attitude

Believe in yourself

“We never know what we are capable of until & unless we confront the challenges.“ By Author Urvashi VatsLife Quote — Believe in yourself Most human beings want to stay within their comfort zone, because they are safe there. Moving out of that zone would mean falling down and hurting ourselves. But, it is only when…… Continue reading Believe in yourself

Me and My Blog

The child you see in the photo is my son, M. Ibrahim Kazi. And since I created this blog, it is my second child. I am Rehan Kazi, a family man, a father- of-one and the creator of this blog. To start with let me thank the One Almighty God, the Beneficent and Merciful, in…… Continue reading Me and My Blog

Kindly help ban ‘If vs But’ channel

As is clear from the posts that I have shared on my blog so far, I aim to help people live a better and happier life. But, today I am keeping a matter in front of my readers that has hurt me immensely. This is regarding a channel, called ‘If vs But’ the owners of…… Continue reading Kindly help ban ‘If vs But’ channel

Back to Covid-19 school

In one of my earlier posts, 10 Mental Health Lessons Learned From 2020, I had talked about the lessons that we learned from the Covid-19 pandemic since it started in 2020. Even the hope of finding a solution with the Covid-19 vaccine seems to have failed. And as the number of corona virus cases are…

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Black Lives Matter: When will US police understand?

Looks like the US police will never understand that Black lives matter, even after what the country went through following the 2020 murder of George Floyd. A white police officer has now been taken into custody for shooting a young Black motorist to death during a traffic stop in a Minneapolis suburb. The fatal shooting…… Continue reading Black Lives Matter: When will US police understand?

Ramzan blogging party

Source: Ramzan Mubarak to all, irrespective of religion. I love you all as my own. The month of fasting once again brings us closer to the Almighty God and each other through caring and sharing. God revealed a part of the Holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) for the first time in the month…… Continue reading Ramzan blogging party

Back with a bang

This is for all those who have loved my blog Towards A Better Life and like my posts on it. Thanks a lot for all the support you have shown which helped me reach over a 1000 followers on it. May God bless you for it. Those who had following my posts on Towards A…… Continue reading Back with a bang