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Meet the couple that donated earnings to help poor families for 20 yrs

Who says you have to be Bill Gates and build a foundation like the IT moghul did to help the poor. Meet an Indian couple, Shinod PC and Bindhu, who have been on a quest to aid disadvantaged families for 20 years. The couple from Kodungallur, Kerala, contribute a significant percentage of their salary as…

You can cook your way to better mental health; Here’s how

It’s not unusual to hear people extol the virtues of preparing our own meals. Many people support this practice since it may help us save money, enhance our health, and broaden our cooking abilities. Despite these advantages, many people find cooking to be tedious.For these reasons, cooking may be a divisive hobby: some of us…

How food symbolizes love

Food is a sign of love when words fail. Always keep in mind that that a simple meal prepared with consideration for someone might mean the world to them. Whoever said that the road to a man’s heart is via his stomach only spoke half the truth. The fact is that food is the way…

Meet Para swimmer Niranjan Mukundan set Asian record after 19 surgeries

Para swimmer Niranjan Mukundan set Asian record after 19 surgeries. The 27-year-old para swimmer won six medals at the Para Swimming Cup tournament in Prague, Czech Republic. He broke the Asian record in the 800m freestyle by over 50 seconds. Niranjan Mukundan was born with Spina Bifida, a congenital spinal condition that commonly leads in…

Yet another milestone: 10K all-time views

Congratulations! Your site, Towards A Better Life, passed 10,000 all-time views. That’s the message, I have just received from WordPress. All I can say is Praise The Lord. And Thank You my readers. May the One Almighty God bless you all with a better and happier life. Amin.

This woman environmentalist is working to make our food chemical-free

Vandana Shiva is a physicist, ecologist, activist, editor, and book author. She founded the Navdanya movement, which advocates for biodiversity protection and farmer rights. Vandana Shiva is known as the “Gandhi of Grain” because of her role in anti-GMO agitation (Genetically modified food). When it comes to women’s emancipation, Vandana Shiva has been a pivotal…

Why you must keep falling in love with your spouse?

Every relationship starts with passion and keeps going with commitment. But, a lot of storms occur between the passion and commitment. Only that relationship is successful where you accept your partner as they are and keep falling in love with that person.

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