Here’s the hare’s side of the story

Since time unknown, we have been listening to the Aesop’s Fable called “The Hare and the Tortoise.” We have also been taught that slow and steady wins the race, through the story.

But, today I have brought you the hare’s side of the story, which shows that it’s fine to be the hare and not the tortoise.

As everyone says that slow and steady wins the race, this statement may not be true every time or at every place.

The hare replied it was an unfair game it was a marathon run versus a sprint. He added I was way ahead in the race and the tortoise was nowhere around to be seen. As I knew I was way ahead I decided to relax and have a short nap below a tree. I fell asleep and dreamt of an old man with a flowing beard sitting and meditating. The old man asked them, why I was participating in the race. I replied to him, I am doing so, to let every creature in the jungle know that I am the fastest of all creatures.

The old man then again asked are you aware of the fastest deer, the largest elephant, or about the strongest lion that lived a hundred years ago. He replied no, you don’t know anything about them. He further added today you are being challenged by a tortoise, someday you might be challenged by a snake, or maybe by a zebra. Then what will you do, will you keep racing with them just to prove that you are the fastest of them all?

The hare replied I don’t want to keep running all my life. The old man asked, then what do you intend to do?

The hare said I want to live my life peacefully and happily.

The old man then said this is what you are doing, at this particular moment also. Listen to me forget everything about the race, think you are here today but may not be there tomorrow. Therefore, try to live a valuable and gainful life. You don’t require anyone else to make you satisfied and contented.

The hare woke up from his sleep at that moment, he felt happy.

He found that he had lost the race, but thought it doesn’t matter if I lost the race but I have won my life, it’s a lesson for me.

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