You can now buy a samosa for Rs. 2.50/- from this elderly man in Amritsar

When I was a child, I could buy a Samosa for Rs. 2/- and a Gulab Jamun for even less than that amount. Outside my school, a vendor even used to sell Vada Pav for just less than Re. 1/- (Pav for 25 paise and Vada for a little more or perhaps same amount). In today’s times, the 25 or 50 paise do not exist. And the kids now spend more than Rs.10/- to buy a Vada Pav or Samosa.

But, an elderly man is selling Samosas for Rs. just ₹ 2.50! in Amritsar. For that reason the generous 75-year-old food vendor is winning hearts on the internet. Perhaps the saying “Old is Gold” is true, as only the elderly people can understand what the young ones want.

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