Father’s Day is round the corner and I am thrilled

As I sit to write this I am thrilled because it’s Father’s Day this Sunday. I believe that no wealth and no person can give you the joy that your child gives. Indeed the best thing that happened to me is my son, Ibrahim.

God blesses us for our families

As I have told you in my earlier posts and written in the About page of on my blog, I work online as a news editor to support my family. But, let me take you down memory street to 2008 when I had lost my job in 2008 just before I got the good news that I was going to be a father. However, I did not give up and have never done it. In fact, to support my family, especially the child that was going to enter this world, I did whatever work I could for a lawful earning. That includes selling baby clothes like a hawker and setting up a food stall near a shopping center and my wife helped me in all this even when she was pregnant.

But, things started getting better, once my son was born and I brought my child home. I even got a new job in a company where I later became a business news editor. Indeed, I believe that the One Almighty God blesses a man with whatever he earns because of his family. It is actually due to them that God blesses us with the little or much we think we have earned through our knowledge and skills. Whatever I have today, I owe it all to my family.

The bundle of joy called Ibrahim

Today my son, whom we named after the Prophet Abraham and my wife’s father Ibrahim, is 11 years old now. He was born on July 19, 2009, and has just started his online studies again (due to Covid-19) for 7th Std.

Ibrahim is a bright boy with a big heart and sharp mind. He has reached the Champion Level in the chess game on mobile and is also good enough in his studies (I never put pressure on him for distinctions). He often comes and hugs me, while I am lost in my work, just as you see in the picture. My son, whom we lovingly call Ibu, is also a loving person. He shares with me all that his mother brings for him to eat and even leads me in my daily prayers, which we offer as Muslims. Indeed, right now I am feeling blessed to have him, despite of all the troubles in my life.

And although, I try to be as good a father I can be, I sometimes scold him for nothing. I often forget that my son is still a child, just like other fathers do. In fact, there is a short story or poetry that says it beautifully which I had read years ago and want to share with you on this Father’s Day. That story, in Dale Carnegie’s popular book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” is titled ‘Father Forgets.’ You can watch it in the video below. And honestly, as I end this post there are tears in my eyes, as I just watched the video before publishing this article.

Have a nice weekend and Happy Father’s Day.

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